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Also any comments (private or not) where you address them as REBORNICA, by wrong pronouns or addressing the FNAF fandom will be marked as spam and the person will be blocked.

Seriously, what does it take for you guys to learn not to call someone by their old name, jfc.


They sometimes stream art on Picarto. Unknown about game streaming.
Bones won't be using deviantArt nor a personal Tumblr anymore.


They have deleted their account due to constant stalking and wordtwisting, after trying to make amends with the hateblog but failing. They will not be streaming as often due to them fearing stalking, and when streaming, there won't be any talking or typing.


If you wish to know about them streaming on Picarto, be sure to enable your notifications. They try to stream as often as possible but be aware of the fact that they will not talk in chat at all/very often and communication will only be made thru the mods. But also be aware that they do STILL look at the chat. So just because they don't talk in it doesn't mean they don't see what you guys are talking about.

They now post art on their twitter. Check links below.

Pronouns of use: Them/They
Nicknames acceptable: Deo and Bones


//This Journal will be edited if in the future info will change or if anything needs to be added.
  • Listening to: rattling bones
  • Reading: the chat comments
  • Watching: bones fucking burn their shelter
  • Playing: fallout shelter vault 666
  • Drinking: your tears


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Mixer Bones hell yeah
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You'd think by now people would get it thru their thick skulls that this account isn't used nor updated by bones anymore, but by their friend Sigma.



Sigma is in charge of the account


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DepthJacks Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
Deo, is that really you?
(1 Reply)
Redwing96 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Student Artist
Deo, thank you for inspiring me to draw and value in creating oc, the truth you appreciate very much what you said in the video of trying to support us, when I saw it it gave me sadness but in the end happiness since you worried for us, but I did not I expected that some people from tumblr treated you badly and that gave me sadness and anger since it is not fair that they treat you like this, but then you faced them and you ignored it, although with that you take the stress out of anything, I saw that most of the people that follow you are very worried about you and I appreciate you the truth I was following you on tumblr and seeing your drawings made me happy I know that you do not know me since I am not the only fan, but I miss you And I hope that someday you have your animation company and that you do series. :)
LuckyPawPads Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sigma, I know you probably won't reply to this, and most likely neither you nor Bones will see it, but I'd like to just get it over with and throw out whats on my chest into the open.
I found Bones' stuff just 3 pages worth or posts before they first started bringing up Night Terror.
I was 13, riddled with problems, socially anxious, I stayed inside so much that the doctors drew a blood test and reported severe vitamin D deficiency, and I was drawing for no reason, no one, no purpose.

I'm 18 now. It didn't seem so long ago when I first thought of it. I draw for myself, my characters, to bring them to life snd create them in a way only I can imagine for them. I still have problems, but therapy, and a rolemodel who I managed to gain encouragement from, despite never speaking to them one on one, helped me get a bit better.

Seeing Bones' characters, I thought they were cool. But, I have a disability, and it makes it hard for me to understand some things, and even to relate or to understand some things in a social setting. I always misunderstood things, especially with characters being portrayed.

Bones was always direct or subtle with their characters in a way that I could easily understand, and that was something I latched onto, and the type of person I hoped I could be when portraying my characters, so I started writing stories for my characters, making them diverse, giving them height and body shape differences, different genders, sexualities, races, disabilities, weakness' and strengths.

But, while looking up to Bones during that time, I forgot they weren't much older than me, and they struggled too. I put them on a pedestal and looked upon them but never actually stopped to consider that theres a living person behind that art and those easy to understand posts and jokes, and those snarky comebacks. I thought they were the most confident and okay person ever, and I also had a very limited knowledge of tumblr haters and mental illness'.

So, when I first saw them posting about their issues with haters and mental illness', I was surprised and confused. At that point, I was still figuring out tumblr and discovering things I didn't know about them, and it made them seem more real. They wound up in hospital at one point, and I remember sending encouragement. I got a thank you pm back, and never deleted it. Pretty sure its still sitting in that damn mailbox, I stopped using that account long ago. Tumblrs just a fancy but toxic memory for me now.

Then, the hate started pouring on. Alot of shit hit the fan. I also attended my first stream with Bones and discovered some of their friends. I also giggled when Bones checked tumblr during a stream after making a certain tumblr, only to anounce that the character already had its first rp blog - one I made, because I loved the character already from what little I knew of them. I still do, and can't wait to see them show up! But I honestly always loved Pilot, Sherrif, Mother Nature, Father Time, Charles, Vince and Darren the most. Especially Darren and Vince, though. I sometimes had really bad anxiety about going to sleep, to the point of being on anxiety medication just so I could sleep, so I'd go through all of Vinces tags. It helped alot.

Anyway, as I said, shit hit the fan. I saw alot of crap pop up, yelled at alot of shitty people and defended Bones every time someone tried to stir shit in my sight. Hell, I nearly told one of my friends to fuck off out of my friendlist because of her badmouthing Bones based on a rumour(she held her tongue, apologized and promised to stop believing shit she sees passed around tumblr, and never spoke bad of them again. I wouldn't let her,) that she had stumbled across.

I never believed a single one, I stuck loyal as a follower to Bones until the day they deleted their account, even though I went through many account changes myself. I guess thats an upside to my disability. Those with it often have a strong sense of justice, and mine sided with Bones. It still is sided with Bones. I owe alot to them. Hell, my therapist even noticed changes in me after following Bones.

When their dog died, I felt sad for them but I didn't understand, and I didnt want to claim I did. My dog died last year, after being bitten by a snake and I never knew how fucking painful that shit is. My mom got a new dog 4 days after I had held my girl in my arms, but I couldn't bring myself to hate Lilly. She offered a distraction, got me out of my room and eating for the first time in days. Daisy, my little flower, also died slower than one would hope, but her death was thankfully, despite still being fucking horrific, faster than Bones' beloved Sundog. I wish I did more to offer comfort, because its not even a year later and even bringing up my baby still makes me bawl like an infant. Hell, her birthday is next month and I still bawl knowing she's 8 and I cant I can't fathom how hard that must have been for them.

I started being able to actually act like a human being rather than a social wreck. Hell, I can order from checkouts without as much nervousness now. Im depressed, but Bones' helped alot. I almost quit my art a second time, but Bones' work kept me going, hoping to catch up to their level.

I guess, like all people do with people they look up to, I always wanted to know them somehow. I wanted to see what they're really like, not just what they're like when catering to a large crowd of fans.
Its selfish, wanting to know someone but not putting the time in to actually try figure out how to befriend them.

Do I regret being a follower of Bones? No. Never.
Sometimes I feel guilty, because I still find myself having a small quick slip of 'Rebs' or, even more often, 'Deo' before I quickly shut that up and say 'Bones', because that seems to be their most preferred.
Thank god I took to non-binary pronouns like a duck to water, I never had/have to feel guilty about misgendering them.

I sometimes wonder about them, and you, and their other friends. I can't view their picarto streams, so I'm honestly just clinging to leftover social media accounts, and I come back when I'm down, or out of motivation.
Are you all still friends?
Are you okay?
If you're not okay, do you at least have someone?
Do you guys ever miss the non-hater or toxic side of the fans who can't make it onto the streams, or are unable to keep up to date?
Do you ever miss the times when Night Terror was new about, and Bones would stream and they'd draw Pilot to Ontop Of The World, or Night Terror characters to various songs, like Turn the Lights off?

I said I had anxiety sleeping and that Vince helped, but stream nights were my other savior. I really could use them still some of these days..

Overall, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you all for getting me through that stage of my life, for giving me reason to continue art and to bring the characters I create to life. For the wild ride, the tears, the laughs, the smiles, the devestation, fear, joy, happiness, for all of it. Wouldn't have wanted my younger teen years any different.
bunnyutiom Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Hey sigma,how are you and bones?
MARIONETTE885 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
Idk what happened here, but I've just been a FNaF fan recently and I gotta say that you make me laugh with Mike and Vincent. :)
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